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Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Down in the Mouth"

A lot has happened since my last post!  My oldest, Raegan is now in the process of getting BRACES!  That my not be a big deal to y'all , till you realize all that goest into it.  First of all, getting insurance to cover orthodontice is like "pulling teeth" (yes, pun intended!). Also, it seems that orthodontists have fallen through that loophole that allows them to charge tons of money and not have to be regulated either!

 WARNING The people in this story are NOT actors, but their names have been changed to protect retarted, overcharging HACKS!

The first ortho consult with "Dr. Bellybutton Lint" (ok, it's Lintz...but I like mine better!) was interesting.  He seemed to have perfected the art of giving tons of information without ACTUALLY telling me anything I needed to know.  He kept it all very vague.  It seemed as if he wanted to leave it open enough to be able to add fees wherever possible.  His name should have been "MR CROOK".  In the end, he gave me an estimate of over $6,300, but not a confirmed was one that "could change depending on the extent of possible further care needed"

The second consult was with "Dr. Brastrap" (ok, so it's Brazones, but , again, I like mine better!).  She was like the "Beverly Hills" of orthodontists.  She had wonderful people, wonderful facilities, and a great treatment plan. HOWEVER, she wanted well over $8,000 for care! 

The third consult was with a nice man, "Dr. Haystack" (Heyhurst!) He was terned as a "general orthodontist" If I could have gone through him, it would have been a DREAM......3500 bucks!  However, Rae's mouth was too much of a was beyond his abilities.

Now, on to number FOUR.....Dr Shoelace (NOT...Schultz....yeah, didn't do a very good job of changing names!) .  He was nice, the people were nice, and he was HONEST.....amazing!  He was also very clear about Treatment prices.  He allowed an interest free payment plan as well!  I was also notified that the first two  orthos were giving treatment additions that were not necessary!  The final cost, a little over $5,000 and that includes EVERYTHING!  EVEN, subsequent ortho needs! 

Now, we had a good consult, but we just had to figure out where the money was going to come from with one stay at home mom and a dad on unemployment.  God worked that out too!  We were able to secure an interest free loan from my mom and dad  for the amount we would need till next tax time!

PRAISE GOD!!!  He always makes a way!

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